Just as no one knows your business better than you, no one knows warehousing better than Bridge Logistics Services. We’re experts in all aspects of distribution and have years of real-world experience in developing custom solutions for companies of all types.
So why spend your time worrying about short-term warehousing issues? Depend on Bridge for the solution. Whether it’s manufacturing parts, finished good’s inventory or simply a dozen skids of sales literature, we’ll handle your problem quickly and expeditiously – providing maximum benefit to your bottom-line.

Type of Products:  Dry Goods, Non- Hazardous, Food Grade (AIB Certified)
Facility: Secured, masonry constructed, fire protected, temperature controlled

Public Warehousing

Public Warehousing offers the following five advantages:

Maximum flexibility: As a depositor you are not tied to a private facility in a fixed location for a long period of time; you can move in and out as needs dictate.
Short-term commitment: The commitment or contract covers receiving, storage, handling, shipping and related services for a given time usually a monthly basis.
Professional operation: A trained and experienced staff relieves users of the burdensome operating, labor, safety, insurance, environmental, legal and related responsibilities associated with warehousing operations.
Predictable rates: These are charged on a per-unit occupancy and/or handling basis, as quoted or negotiated. Examples are dollars per square foot, per pallet, case, or other stock keeping unit ( SKU), only for the space and period of time used.
Fewer risks and liabilities: Public warehouse operators accept liability and risks in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code and the Standard Terms and Conditions for Public and Contract Warehouse Operators.

Contract Warehousing
Bridge Logistics Services will negotiate contract warehousing services. Contract warehousing services includes its own set of advantages and features:
1.  The use of long-term contracts for space and/or services.
2.  Trade off inventory location flexibility for guaranteed space over the life of the contract period and a known price that is usually lower than other rates.
3.  Contract for either an entire building or a defined, fixed portion of square feet or cubic feet, sometimes with flexible options for additional, as well as allowances for unused space.
4.  Assumes a negotiated levels and types of risks.

Added Value in Warehousing from Bridge Logistics Services

•  Four consecutive years of superiors rating from AIB for food grade storage warehousing services
•  Cross Docking
•  Sampling
•  Labeling
•  Fulfillment
•  Pick and Pack
How to Choose the Best Warehousing Option
Beyond the basic differences described above, there are a host of other factors to consider:

Purpose: Will the warehouse be a cost or a profit center?
Duration: How long will goods be housed? Will goods enter once and remain for an extended period (storage), or will there be many shipments received and sent from the warehouse? Is this need temporary or permanent?
Location: Does the warehouse need to be close to a transportation corridor such as a rail line or a port? Or does it make more sense to have a warehouse located near a primary customer or the company office? As fuel costs continue to rise, the location of warehousing is not just a matter of convenience, but is strategic to the profitability of the enterprise.

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