Bridge Logistics Services is a forward-thinking company.  We are constantly looking for new ways to grow with and for our customers. Because technology constantly changes, we must also be constantly looking at how we can best meet the needs of our customers.

One of our latest additions to our technology family is BLUe (Bridge Logistics Update E-mails).

BLUe provides a selection of secure inventory information.  It also offers a series of daily reports summarized in excel format so that they can be downloaded and manipulated on your own system. BLUe produces the following reports:
•    Daily Shipments
•    Daily Status
•    Daily Receipts
•    Daily Activity

BLUe also provides automated e-mails acknowledging:
•    Shipments
•    Orders
•    Receipts

In addition to receiving reports, customers can also access inventory information via a secure Account Access section on the Bridge Logistics website. From this portal, accounts can check on:
•    Activity for the last seven days or current month
•    Stock Status
•    Completed orders

BLUe produces these results for customers:
•    Reduced costs
•    Improved customer satisfaction
•    Improved accuracy of information

Customer reactions
Our customers find BLUe extremely beneficial.

Lisa Biancalana from NICOAT uses data provided by BLUe to bill customers in a timely manner. When asked what her opinion of BLUE was, her reaction was: “It is wonderful; I use it on a daily basis to keep track of shipments and orders. It is very timely. It is a valuable tool.”

PCA (Packaging Corporation of America) uses BLUe to double check shipping information flowing between companies. As Cathy Olkiewicz from PCA stated,” We are human and all make mistakes, it helps to have a tool like BLUe to double check records. It is a great tool to have at our disposal. It is a unique tool and one we use on a daily basis.”

Other Technology Solutions
•    SAP Compliant System
•    BAR Code System Technology
•    Cycle Count Programs
•    SharePoint Document/Process Management
•    Electronic Invoicing

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