• AIB/FOOD-GRADE (Policies & Procedures)

Bridge Logistics Services participates as a 3rd party logistics company providing food-grade warehousing. We have received a superior rating from AIB International for our food-grade storage capabilities. We strictly adhere to AIB International's policies and procedures for cleanliness, safety and security. AIB International is a corporation founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. The link below will take you to the AIB website for a detailed breakdown of their policies and procedures.




Sustainability for business and for our planet

“Sustainable” means “able to continue.”

What does that mean for a logistics company, or any other company or an industry as a whole? It simply means, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Below is Bridge Logistics Three Pillars of Sustainability and committment to our community and our environment: 

Three Pillars of Sustainability 

Sustainability drives efficiency – and this is particularly true in supply chain logistics. We need to accept that no company can do it alone. Partnerships and broad collaborations are crucial to solving the greatest environmental challenges we face as businesses. The following three pillars support Bridge Logistics Services sustainability and green initiatives. 

Bridge Logistics Services invests in technological solutions that offer the best ecological and commercial return. Our BLUe e-mail alert systems not only provides scheduling information to our customers and suppliers, but it also provides tools to assist in the reduction of transit times,and space requirements for storage, as well as less man hours to process receipts and shipments. In addition, we are continuously exploring opportunities to use digital based technology to increase transport and carrier efficiencies. This combined reduction leads to fewer CO2 emmissions. 

As a practice, the Bridge Team members continuously review our operations and eco-footprint to assure that we are using the latest eco-friendly technology like LED lighting and run-off technology to reduce harmful emmissions and run-off to the environment. We have also promoted a Bridge Logistics drop-off program for the recycling of printer cartridges to neighboring companies. 


Through partnering, Bridge has created a distribution network that brings good closer to target markets. Benefiting not only the customer but the overall supply chain, by eliminating duplication and the reduction of miles traveled, energy and time wasted.

We understand that we are the stewards of our environment. As a result, we need to perform those actions necessary to provide a safe and clean environment for all. Sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity to secure the future of our businesses and society. It has been proven, if done correctly, sustainability programs and business can coexist.

You can download a copy of Bridge's sustainability statment by clicking on this link: Bridge Logistics Services Sustainability Policy