Inventory Control

The raw materials, work-in-process materials and finished goods of a business represent one of the most important assets of a business because the turnover of inventory is one of the primary sources of revenue generation and subsequent earnings.

Possessing a high amount of inventory for long periods of time is not usually good because of inventory storage obsolescence and spoilage costs. Too little inventory runs the risk of losing potential sales and market share.

Bridge’s state of the art Warehouse Management System assures accurate and efficient management of inventory. It provides:

•  Accurate accounting of goods 24/7/365
•  Automated alerts that keep you informed and connected to daily activities
•  Assurance that transactions are handled with appropriate efficiencies and documentation
•  Lot control
•  Traceability
•  Min/max replenishment assistance

•  Increase ROI – Let your inventory match the needs of your operation
•  Reduce shipping, labor and capital resources
•  Concentrate on core competencies

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